The Term "Soma" Relates to The Body

As you navigate through life, unresolved disagreements, familial obligations, and work stress can all contribute to energy, or emotions becoming trapped within the physical body.

SomatIQ Breathwork™ uses a series of circular breathing techniques that tap into your body's innate intelligence helping it to release those stuck energies while simultaneously regulating the nervous system. Together we can use the breath to clear out what has been holding you back and call in the changes you want to embody.

What people are saying about SomatIQ Breathwork

“Divina has a very warm and comforting energy. She was very present during the session and held the space with attention and care”


“Divina gave me an amazing Somatic Breathwork journey! Her presence, voice, and cues were all exactly what I needed to shed the layers of myself I needed at that moment and I felt very inspired and peaceful at the end of the journey. She is a natural at holding space and making you feel safe and cared for”


“I loved my session with Divina and would love to continue our sessions ❤️”


“Thank you for sharing your work with me. I am glad to have experienced such a therapeutic release with a wonderful practitioner”


“The session felt open and safe. Divina listens well. I definitely felt seen and heard"


“This was my first breath work experience and I am glad that Divina was able to hold the space for me. She made me feel comfortable, she took her time to explain everything to me so I was able to understand the directions and feel confident in the process and not over think the session”


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