Medicine Woman and Spiritual Mentor

My training in the Ecology of Shamanism school certifies me to safely guide you through a variety of plant medicine journeys. Each ceremony is private and perfectly tailored to meet your individual needs, allowing me to be fully present with you throughout your experience and provide loving support during integration.

Through the profound techniques of Reiki Energy Healing and Somatic Breathwork, I help you access deep levels of healing and transformation. These modalities offer a safe and effective way to address emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances without the use of sacred plant medicines.

With over 10 years of experience as a Chef and Certified Holistic Health coach, I offer you support with physical tools such as ceremonial grade cacao, menstrual recipes, and sensual movement practices that will help bring you into a balanced state of holistic wellness.  

embracing a path to Wholeness

The Journey

As an adolescent, I convinced myself that a frightening recurring dream couldn't possibly hold any truth. Plant medicines empowered me to find peace with those long suppressed traumas.

When I was a teenager, I was outcast from my family for not adhering to the strict rules of my mother's cult. This left me with a deep mother wound that I carried with me for many years. Womb work and reconnecting to my wild feminine helped me mend that part of my heart.

In early adulthood I began to seek the love I longed for in many places and with many people. Immersing myself in nature reminded me that I had never been alone, and that all of the love I’d ever desired had been with me all along.

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My personal core values of love, respect, integrity, and wisdom are my north star when supporting the souls that are guided to work with me. 

Divina, ON Mentorship

Helping you remember the divine essence within

Divine connections was born from my lived experiences. A container designed to meet you where you are while offering different forms of heart centered support. I am honored to share the wisdom gained from my own spiritual journey as a guide for others on their own paths.

My personal core values set the tone for how I hold space, provide mentorship, and create heart centered connections with each soul that I have the privilege of being of service to. I believe that all individuals possess a divine spark, and by rediscovering this essence, we can heal ourselves and the world around us.

If you are seeking a compassionate and loving guide to support you on your path to remembrance, you are in the right place.

  • Heart centered mentorship

    I lead with love in all of my interactions, encouraging you to do the same

  • Practiced medicine woman

    Holistic Health Coach

    Reiki Practitioner

    Ecology of Shamanism Alumni 

  • Bridge to remembrance

    My life's purpose is to support you on your journey of remembering who you truly are

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