A Journey back to self

Tailored all-inclusive nature immersions: five to seven days of personalized one-on-one experiences

  • Experience yourself

    Connect with your authentic self and the innate circadian rhythm of your soul

  • Personalized journey

    Carefully curated to meet your specific spiritual goals and souls deepest desires

  • 1:1 Sacred container

    Navigate shadow work, somatic releasing and connection with sacred plant medicines

Discover our destinations

5 day rewilding Immersion

Hot Springs of Huatulco

Sample Itinerary 1


Day 1- Arrival. Grounding exercise. Opening River ritual

Day 2- Womb Meditation. Play time. Self pleasure initiation. Yoni gazing. Yoni painting 

Day 3- Morning movement practice. Camping. Intention setting. Bonfire. Santa Maria Ceremony 

Day 4- Rapé Meditation. Hot springs excursion 

Day 5- Sunrise meditation. Closing river ritual. Integration session. Departure

6 day Inner child healing

Mountains of San Mateo

Sample Itinerary 2


Day 1 -Arrival. Grounding exercise. Opening Forest Ritual
Day 2 - Morning Meditation. Nature walk. Play time. Fasted dinner 
Day 3 - Fasted breakfast. Morning Movement practice. Intention setting. Psilocybin ceremony
Day 4 - Rapé Meditation. Breakfast. Womb purification. Sensual Embodiment practice 
Day 5 - Beach day. Water ritual. Reiki session. Free time
Day 6 - Sunrise meditation. Integration Session. Departure

3 Day Kambo Purification

Valley of San Cristobal

Sample Itinerary 3 


Day 1- Arrival. Grounding exercise. Intention setting. Opening Abundance ceremony

Day 2- Morning Meditation. Nature walk. SomatIQ Breathwork Session

Day 3- Fasted breakfast. Morning Meditation. Kambo ceremony

Day 4- Fasted breakfast. Morning Meditation. Kambo ceremony

Day 5- Fasted breakfast. Morning Meditation. Kambo ceremony 

Day 6- Waterfall excursion

Day 7- Sunrise Meditation. Integration session. Closing ceremony. Departure

*Each Itinerary includes breakfast, lunch and dinner unless otherwise noted; Eating times will be determined according to each client's needs and preferences

all inclusive sacred feminine immersion

What's included?

Collapsible content

Holistic meals

  • Organic Chef created meals 
  • Vegetarian or vegan menu

Sound healing

  • Shamanic drums 
  • Medicine music

Plant medicines

A combination of sacred plant ceremonies depending on your unique mental, physical and emotional needs 

  • Kambo 
  • Rapeh
  • Sananga 
  • Psilocybin 
  • Syrian Rue
  • Cacao 
  • Santa Maria 

Water ceremony

  • Trip to the cenote, river, or waterfall

Womb work

  • Yoni steams
  • Blood magick workshop
  • Sensual movement class
  • Yoni egg workshop
  • Womb meditation

SomatIQ Breathwork

  • 1 SomatIQ Breathwork session

Reiki energy healing

  • 1 Reiki energy healing session

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