A superfood that gives you all the energy, without the coffee crash

  • 40x more antioxidants than blueberries

  • Highest plant based source of iron

  • High in magnesium 

  • Natural antidepressant 

  • Natural prebiotic that supports gut health

  • Locally sourced

    Cacao Mágico ceremonial bars are prepared with 100% organic fair trade cacao beans harvested by farmers in Tabasco, Mexico.

  • Powerful heart opener

    Cacao Mágico is a tool that helps you connect with your heart, magnetizing more heart centered relationships into your life.

  • Infused with love

    Each rich and delicious bar is made with your unique intentions for working with this powerful plant medicine.

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A Delicious New Ritual For Your Health and Wellbeing

"I have been using Ceremonial Cacao for just over a month, and when used as suggested, with intent and mindfulness, I can testify that it has helped open my mind to clarity and vision"



How long does shipping take?

All bars are made to order, which takes 7 days after your order is placed. After the initial creation time, shipping generally takes 1-2 weeks depending on where in the world you are located.

How do I prepare my cacao?

Each order comes with complete instructions on how to create a nourishing and mindful cup of drinking chocolate. Generally, the chocolate is melted with a combination of hot water and plant milk with the addition of ingredients depending on your intention.

How much cacao should I have?

It is recommended to start with .5 oz of cacao, slowly working your way up to having no more than 1 oz  per day if you are creating an intentional daily ritual for yourself (perhaps in replacement of your daily cup of coffee) in 6-8 oz of water/plant milk. 

If you are using cacao ceremonially, up to 1.5 oz may be used with 6-8.5 oz of water/ plant milk. This ceremonial dosage shouldnt be taken more than 3 times a week.

Are there any side effects to drinking cacao?

Cacao is completely natural and safe to consume, but it must be taken into account that it is a powerful plant medicine that should be consumed with honor and intention. 

Over consumption may lead to increased heart rate, nausea, headaches, and upset stomach. Building a relationship with this ancient plant medicine is an intuitive process, meaning it is very important to start slow and listen to your body when consuming ceremonial cacao.

Are all Ceremonial Cacao the same?

Various regions of Mesoamerica produce varied flavors and profiles of cacao due to many factors. Geographical region, altitude, farming practices, and processing technique all play a role in the final product.