An interactive course that will deepen your understanding of your menstrual cycle

For so many women shame, confusion, and frustration have been the lived experience in regards to their wombs and menstrual experience.

When a women remembers the potency and power of her menstrual blood, her relationship with her womb begins to change. This new found connection creates a bridge to profound healing.

Enhancing your relationship with your womb is one of the most potent ways to heal trauma and step into your true power. In this course you will learn to integrate various tools into your everyday life, that will support you on your journey of self-exploration.

"I'm ready to stop hiding. I'm ready to break the prejudice around menstruation. First for myself and then for the collective"


What is Shamanic Womb Wisdom?

Things to know

Self Paced

The course was designed to be self-paced. You are encouraged to to start with the module that is in alignment with where you are in your menstrual cycle. This will allow you to practice the rituals, meditations, and prompts in real time.

Purchasing options

The "course only" option grants lifetime access to the course. The "support" option grants lifetime access, plus two 45 minute support calls available at any time during your journey.

Community space

Included in all purchase options is a community forum for you to open heartedly commune with other women as you journey through this deep and profound work.

Course Syllabus

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Module 1: Introduction

Cycle Basics- Learn the superpowers and vulnerabilities of each menstrual phase.

Womb Disconnect- Signs that you are disconnected from your womb.

Lunar Cycles- Dive into bleeding with each phase of the moon. Moon Bathing Ritual

Module 2: Winter

Free Bleeding 101- Free bleeding ritual. Womb meditation and journal prompts.

Yoni Steaming- Yoni steaming ritual. Yoni Spell herbal E-Book

Module 3: Spring

Womb Massage- Womb massage ritual. Learn how womb massage supports physical and energetic healing.

Working With A Yoni Egg- Yoni egg ritual. Choosing the right yoni egg for you.

Module 4: Summer

Sensual Dance- Sensual Dance ritual. The difference between sensual and sexual energies.

Self Pleasure Ritual- Womb meditation. How to learn the language of your womb.

Module 5: Fall

Create Space- Align your home and work life with the flow of your cycle.

Preparations- Use medicinal plants consciously to support menstrual symptoms.

Module 6: Further Support

Work With Me- Womb detox ceremonies and mentorship program

Resources- Sacred sexual natal chart readings with Phoebe Hawk. Natural birth control resources. Yoni egg and free bleeding purchasing resources.

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Blood Magic: Shamanic Womb Wisdom Course

Blood Magic: Shamanic Womb Wisdom Course

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